What you get:

  • Higher jumps.
  • Core strength and stability for gymnastics.
  • Stronger upper body for AGG lifts.
  • Power that will show on the carpet.
  • Reduced injury risk.
  • Semi-inidvidualized training.
  • Mastery in the basic strength exercises that work for you.
  • Long-term progress that will give you the best results.

Price and place:

  • 100 euros per training for one group of up to four gymnasts.
  • The payment must be made monthly in advance, as a salary from your sports club.
  • All trainings last 60 minutes and take place in Attitude Sports, Martinkyläntie 53, Vantaa.
  • Cancel without compromise any time you want.

All your money back if you aren’t happy with the results.

Contact me at sergionavadijo@pm.me